How one client grew their high-value bookings by 45%

Discover how deposits and payment links helped Action Photo Tours grow their high-value bookings.

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"We witnessed a remarkable 45% increase in online bookings for our premium multi-day custom tours since the introduction of deposits and payment links."

David Swindler

When we observed that a FareHarbor client, Action Photo Tours, achieved remarkable success selling their boutique tours online by utilizing FareHarbor’s deposit and payment link features, we were eager to learn more. Read on to find out how they impressively increased online bookings for their premium multi-day custom tours by offering flexible payment choices to customers.

About Action Photo Tours

Action Photo Tours is a premier photography tour company that brings customers on an adventure to the world’s most breathtaking landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and Internationally. Led and managed by award-winning photographer, David Swindler, these action-packed workshops teach customers how to capture stunning, quality photos in awe-inspiring destinations.

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Their #1 seller: premium custom photo tours

One of Action Photo Tours’ most popular offerings is their customized photo workshops. These multi-day experiences whisk guests away to unique destinations, from iconic landmarks to the remote wilderness. The itineraries are carefully designed to maximize photographic opportunities and ensure guests are in the right place at the right time to take the best shots. At the same time, these tours invite guests to immerse in the culture, history, and natural wonders of each location.

Challenge: How to sell high-priced multi-day custom tours online

Due to the higher pricing (averaging USD $2,000) of these custom multi-day workshops, Action Photo Tours was initially reluctant to sell them on their website, fearing that potential customers might have reservations about booking online. In the past, the team would manually take one booking at a time, noting down customer details and sharing information via phone calls.

Solution: Deposits and payment links

To save time and streamline bookings, FareHarbor added deposits and payment links to their workshops. By letting customers put down deposits, they didn’t have to worry about paying everything right away, which made booking online more attractive. And the cherry on top? Customers can easily settle their remaining balance through the payment link sent via email before the start of the tour. 

a flock of penguins are standing in the snowThe results

Since introducing deposits and payment links to their premium multi-day custom tours, their online bookings for these offerings increased by 45%. These functionalities helped alleviate their manual time spent managing bookings, improved the online booking experience for customers, and significantly increased their high-value bookings year-over-year.

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