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Seamless sales & sunny smiles: Bonita Jetski & Parasail’s success with Dock

Discover how this operator transformed in-person sales with FareHarbor’s booking point-of-sale solution by cutting booking times and improving customer satisfaction.

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“It’s just a quicker process than opening up the regular FareHarbor Dashboard; it requires fewer steps for bookings and gets customers through the line faster.”

Kevin Nobis

Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail, a popular water sports activity and rental company in Florida, embarked on a transformative journey with FareHarbor’s new booking point-of-sale solution – FareHarbor Dock. By adopting this intuitive and touch-friendly tablet app, the company doubled the speed of its sales, reduced wait lines, and elevated the overall customer experience. Learn more about how they leveraged FareHarbor’s new technology to revolutionize in-person bookings and set a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail

a group of people riding skis on a body of waterNestled on the alluring Bonita Beach in Southwest Florida, Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail is a premier watersports company founded in 1988. This water sports activity and rental company specializes in jet ski rentals, guided jet ski dolphin tours, parasailing, paddle board rentals, kayaks, and more.

Rated as one of the top 5 things to do in Bonita Springs by TripAdvisor, Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail invites guests of all ages to enjoy an adventurous day on the beach with opportunities to encounter dolphins, manta rays, manatees, and other highlights during their guided tours.

Challenge: Walk up customers & long wait lines

a group of people swimming in a body of waterWith a prime beachfront location, Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail is a magnet for those seeking fun and exhilarating water activities. With more than 40% of bookings completed in person, the company’s front desk faces a high volume of walk-up reservations and long wait lines.

Initially, the team relied on the FareHarbor Dashboard for managing these in-person bookings. However, while the Dashboard is a powerful tool, the direct booking process was challenging for seasonal and temporary staff to navigate. Additionally, with a desktop-based booking system, their staff were tied to the desk and had limited flexibility to sell bookings on the go. 

Recognizing the need to find a more efficient in-person booking experience, Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail set out to find a solution.

Solution: FareHarbor’s booking point-of-sale solution

a man riding on the back of a boat on a body of waterBonita Jet Ski & Parasail embraced FareHarbor Dock, an innovative booking point-of-sale solution designed to streamline in-person sales and elevate customer experience with just an iPad or Android tablet.

By using Staff mode, their front desk was able to sell bookings faster, alleviate wait lines, boost staff efficiency, and enhance customer experience. 

The Dock’s integrated card reader facilitated a smooth payment process, enabling customers to easily tap and pay in one seamless transaction. The user-friendly interface ensured that even seasonal staff could quickly learn and start selling without delay. Moreover, the portability of an iPad provided the staff with the ability to remain mobile, offering services to customers whenever and wherever.

The owner of Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail praised the new solution for its efficiency, sharing that it is “a quicker process than opening up the regular FareHarbor Dashboard; it requires fewer steps for bookings and gets customers through the line faster.” 

The Results

Implementing FareHarbor Dock transformed the in-person booking efficiency for Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail, cutting down booking time by 2-3 minutes per transaction. This improvement enabled them to speed up the booking experience twofold, a crucial advantage during peak season when lines can extend beyond 10-15 customers.

FareHarbor’s booking point of sale alleviated the staff from the stress of troubleshooting with the Dashboard. Staff mode’s simple and easy-to-use interface enabled their employees to easily manage day-to-day sales, helping the company set a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Transform your in-person booking sales with FareHarbor Dock today!

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